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O sofá

setembro 26, 2008

[Scene: The lobby of Ross’s building, he’s sitting on the couch at the bottom
of the stairs, and he’s practicing enticing women to join him on the couch.]

Ross: Come here to me. No-no, you come here to me.

Rachel: (entering) Hey Ross! I brought reinforcements.

Ross: Oh great! What, you brought Joey?

Rachel: Well, I brought the next best thing.

Chandler: (entering) Hey!

Ross: Chandler?! You brought Chandler?! The next best thing would be Monica!

Chandler: Y’know, I would be offended, but Monica is freakishly strong, so…

Ross: Look, I-I drew a sketch about how we’re gonna do it. (Showing them)
Okay Rach, (points to the sketch) that’s you. That’s the couch.
(Points again.)

Rachel: Whoa-oh, what’s-what’s that? (Points.)

Ross: Oh, that’s me.

Rachel: Wow! You certainly think a lot of yourself.

Ross: No! That’s-that’s my arm!

Chandler: (looking at the sketch) Oh, I see. I thought you just really,
really liked your new couch.

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